Russian market

International Law: Specialists in companies and individuals in the Russian market.

As the poet Antonio Machado said, “Traveler, there is no path – paths are made by walking.” Because our team is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Russian, and since we already have some Russian clients as well as other international ones, we are the leading firm for solving the problems that may be encountered by companies and individuals wishing to come live and work in Catalonia, especially in the Costa Brava area.

Consulting on the Russian Market by Abelenda Advocats

At Abelenda Advocats, we never stop. We always seek progress and get results. We have a great deal of experience as professionals and are constantly undertaking new challenges that make us be the best in our field, and above all, different. Most of our customers are national, but we also have some international clients – primarily Swiss, French and British. Moreover, in recent years, we have captured a new, very significant market niche that calls for our consulting skills – the Russian market.

Today, the Russian market is on the rise in our country and is increasingly interested in actively participating in new projects and business opportunities. Abelenda Advocats believe in this new Russian client, a client that gives us hope for progress and improvement in these times of economic crisis. The need is mutual, which is why we are receptive, welcoming and help in every way we can to make the customer feel at home.

As our intention is to help meet the newcomer’s needs, provide advice and answer any questions they may have, our first step was to offer our website in Russian. We also have a native Russian speaker as interpreter and liaison for client-lawyer meetings.

In Abelenda Advocats we are specialized in:

Immigration Law:

  • Request for residence or authorization.
  • Requests, amendments and renewals of residence permits.
  • Regrouping in Community scheme.
  • Request for extension of stay.
  • Request for return authorization.
  • Request for N.I.E. of nonresident.
  • Application for certificate of registration.
  • Application for travel document.
  • Application for asylum.
  • Request and advice on visa.
  • Processing of files of citizenship due to residence to the registry office.
  • Processing and legalization of documents.


Abelenda Advocats

Civil and Commercial Law:

  • Advice for the constitution of all kinds of corporations.
  • Advice on buying and selling homes, premises or business transfers.
  • Specialized advice in commercial and financial operations which involve foreigners or companies located abroad.
  • Management of all types of taxes and tax returns for nonresident aliens with properties in Spain.
  • Drafting of any kind of civil or commercial contract.
  • Preparation, negotiation and drafting of contracts for the purchase of homes, land, facilities or companies, works execution or the provision of services.
  • Expert advice for professional athletes and foreign artists.
  • Personalized assistance to those interested in their language to the bodies and subpoenas during any judicial or extra-judicial procedure.
  • Resolution of consultation and advice about the procedures to be conducted before the corresponding bodies.
  • Legal representation at any Court or Spanish Tribunal.
  • Heritage management.
  • Merchanting of Productive Units of the companies which are in arrangement with creditors.
  • Definition of new products or business lines.
  • Business cooperation as a way to achieve synergies to optimize their available resources.
  • Advice and management of corporate transactions, such as capital injections, in cash or in kind, capital increases or decreases, sale or assignment of the capital share.
  • Constitution or acquisition of society for vehicle the investments.
  • Preparation or modification of the bylaws and other documents which are necessary or convenient for delimiting and control of the functions of the administrators and managers.

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