Why Abelenda Advocats?

Abelenda Advocats is not just another law firm. It’s a team of top professionals with absolute dedication to customer service in each of the tasks we undertake.

Beyond continuous training and the individual skills of each member of our team, we are characterized by the effort and dedication we lend each case. Every client, every query, every lawsuit is considered of the utmost importance.

Our defining merits are commitment and perseverance – we never stop. Aware of the difficulties of the times, we fight hand in hand with our customers to resolve every issue in the best possible way. Every problem has a good solution for our clients.

Abelenda Advocats is:


It's part of our brand. No information regarding any case or client leaves our team. All aspects of our cases are absolutely confidential, down to the smallest detail.


Our goal is absolute customer satisfaction.

Abelenda Advocats is always on your side, at every step of the way. Our team considers all cases of the utmost importance, informing the client immediately and achieving the best results in the fastest way possible through strategy and an in-depth knowledge of the law.

Transparency and information

We keep customers informed of developments on their cases and we do it as soon as those developments occur or new information is received, always recounting everything that’s happening in each case. This is because we work hand in hand with the client, which is the only way to succeed and attain the best results.

Each client-lawyer relationship is special, but all are based on truth and sincerity.

The results of our work methods are attorney-client trust and a good attorney-client relationship.

We are the lawyers for your company.

Efficiency, experience and depth

Today, business is moving at dizzying speeds.

You can win today but... you may lose tomorrow. Speed in all aspects of a lawsuit or legal dispute is necessary. That’s why our team and our firm, although it’s been operating for over 5 years, is comprised of people who are at once experienced and young, educated in new technologies and ready to find today’s solutions, without hindrances from the past. Where there is a will there is a way.


At Abelenda Advocats, we work every case as if it were the first and last.

The team’s talents and education aren’t enough – they also need to display zeal... and we are always eager to find the best solution for our client's interests. To win you have to work hard, so we base our success on a work ethic. Work and perseverance equal success, which is what we want for both ourselves and our customers.

Transparency, trust, a vocation to customer service, effectiveness and success make Abelenda Advocats a benchmark company in Business Law.

Abelenda Advocats, the lawyers for your business.